The Technology Benefit

  • We were tired of the way regular bars were run so we eliminated all the issues they experience. Our self-serve technology cuts out the big problems like:
  • Long Lines: Everyone hates waiting in line at the bar, so we got rid of that and encourage each guest to go up and pour themselves a drink from any of our 50+ taps.
  • Overpour: Bar owners know that overpour can crush your bottom line. With self-serve technology, every ounce is counted and paid for by the guest whether they drink it or not.
  • Short & Inconsistent Staffing: Self-serve technology offers two major benefits for franchisees and their employees: more time to focus on guests and you can run the operation with a smaller staff.

The System

  • We use a best-in-class self-serve system called PourMyBeer.
  • PourMyBeer (PMB) is a proprietary software focused exclusively on self-serve systems. With a heavy focus on simplicity, this agnostic system is built to integrate with all of your other operating systems, doesn’t need a WiFi connection, and has a minimal amount of connections, reducing the opportunity for failure.
  • PMB is not just some tablet screwed into the wall. This technology is purpose build to calculate the right taps and send that information back to your system server. Similarly, if that server goes down, your taps will still run for guests, ensuring that business never stops flowing.
  • With a 3-year warranty, PMB guarantees that their technology is the best on the market and will hold up against the wear and tear of guests going in and out.
  • If you want to read more about PourMyBeer,
    check out their website right here.