The Story Of Hoppin'

Do you like pouring your own drink?

Rich Moyer does.

And he loved the idea of a self-serve taproom where everyone could pour their own beer, wine, or cocktail without ever needing a bartender.

So he set out to do it, and in 2017, the first beer was poured at Hoppin’ in Charlotte, NC, and ever since then, we haven’t looked back.

Hoppin’ started with one simple goal: create a place where people could enjoy good drinks and good vibes.

Over the last four years, we’ve created a brand that brings more than just a few beers to the table.

  • Hoppin’ is your favorite Saturday spot.
  • Hoppin’ is your Trivia Night go-to.
  • Hoppin’ is your first stop on your first date.
  • Hoppin’ is a community.

We pride ourselves on being collaborative partners—working with local breweries, restaurants, food trucks, and small businesses that want to make their communities a fun place to be.

Which is why you’re reading this…


You want to bring Hoppin’ to your community.


And we’re here to make it happen!

If you’re ready for good beer and good times, tap below to inquire about starting a Hoppin’ franchise in your community.