“What a super fun concept! I love the vibe, the variety (they have Kombucha for a non-alcoholic alternative), and a little photo/gif/boomerang machine. Really fun place to hang with friends and the staff was super friendly”

Sarah Kinney WrightHoppin GVL

“The roomy downstairs offers loads of seating and several giant television screens playing a plethora of sport events. There’s also an AstroTurf patio for playing ring and *ahem* cornhole.”

Richard JonesHoppin CLT

“I’m not much of a drinker. However, this place does more to pull me in than almost any other bar. The big idea here is your drinks are make-your-own. Hoppin’ has two long walls, one upstairs and one downstairs, filled with taps dispensing a HUGE variety of beer, wine and kombucha. They also offer free water, cranberry and orange juice taps. When you enter, you exchange a credit card for a green RFID bracelet. Simply hold the bracelet near the tap you want and pull. It’s that simple.”

AnonymousHoppin CLT

“I had so much fun here getting to a self-tapping bar! I loved the atmosphere with being able to go next door and get pizza and bring it back. It was an awesome experience- I would definitely recommend. Dogs are also welcome inside which I love. Good indoor and outdoor seating with some games in the back of the bar and rooftop access. Definitely coming back.”

Clare PromerHoppin GVL

“Hoppin’ is a great place to go and chill with friends! I like how the beer is self serve, so you just find a drink you want to try and go for it. My favorite drink I got was the strawberry apple cider. The music and atmosphere is great as ,playing good music with a DJ. This place has drinks for everyone, and if you want food the taco truck has bomb boreas. It’s honestly one of the best places in Charlotte!”

Joven AquinoHoppin CLT

This place was amazing. We had reservations for a restaurant near by and stumbled into hoppin’ while we waited for our table. We felt like we found a gem of a place. We were able to walk around and try all sorts of wine and beer at a really good price. You pay by the ounce “YOU” poor. We will be back for sure since they had such a great selection and so many things to do around the building. Cant wait for another date night to come back to Hoppin’.”

Nathan StultsHoppin GVL

“What a cool concept. Walk in, give the hostesses your credit card and show ID. She hands you a wrist band that is connected to your account. Grab a glass, walk over to the beer or wine spouts; out your wrist badge across your choice and pour your own beer. You get charged as you drink. Plenty of choices! No waiter or waitress. When you are finished just drop your wristband and you get charged for what you have consumed. Plenty of sitting, clean, and there’s even a food truck outside. Amazing!”

Marcio G.Hoppin CLT

“Wow, great overall experience. Easy self-service system. Cool pets-friendly place, multiple drink options, equipped w fun board games, TV… lovely, definitely coming back”

Heloísa AndradeHoppin GVL